15 Kilometer Charity Swim for Spastic Children


Muhammad Haziq has been blind since birth. He cannot speak, walk, or even sit up without mechanical assistance. Muhammad Haziq can only receive the food and fluids that keep him alive through a feeding tube. Physicians have recommended that Muhammad be allowed to expire after they had given up any hope for his recovery from pneumonia on four separate occasions.

Mr. Herley Abdul Hamid has never given up hope for his child Muhammad. He has been with his child through all of his physical struggles. Mr. Hamid was so inspired by his child’s unspoken desire to live a useful and meaningful life that he wrote a book entitled “Living with Meaning”. The book chronicles how a person with such devastating disabilities can prove to be an inspiration to those who are much more fortunate physically if not spiritually.

This book, Muhammad, and the many needs of the Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor and Federal Territory inspired people from the Malaysia Swimming Teacher’s Association and a volunteer to take to the water in a five kilometer swim on July 18, 2016, to raise money for spastic children.

The swimmers also devoted their time in selling Mr. Hamid’s chronicle of his child’s extraordinary success in beating the worst that life can throw at a person. Sponsors who bought the book not only got to see the swimming event but received special inspiration for their own struggles with disability and life.


Soh Chai Chin, Kent Ong, and Chlovin Kung began swimming at nine o’clock in the morning at the 30 meter pool at Prima Villa. Mr. Yip and Esther from the Malaysia Swimming Teacher’s Association were on hand to verify that each swimmer completed the five kilometers of the 15 kilometer swimming event that benefited the spastic children. Run for Hope and the Malaysia Swimming Teacher’s Association organized and conducted the event.

The event raised RM820. The money will go directly to the support and maintenance of spastic children cared for by the resourceful and loving people at the Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor and Federal Territory. For the charity campaign, please visit http://peoplegiving.org/campaign-page?campId=211

The highly productive event proved that Mr. Hamid’s touching and inspirational view of his child serve as an example of what can be done by disabled children and for disabled children.

The sacrifice of the time and effort to swim five kilometers is nothing compared to the benefit that a spastic child can receive from care and nurturing that allows them to live as much of life as they are capable of. The 15 kilometer swim did just that.

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