15km Charity Swimming at Sommerset Close

It was truly an exciting time for all who either participated in actually swimming at the 15 km Charity Swimming at Sommerset Close in order to help raise money for the charity fund, who served to organize and coordinate the event, or who came to watch the excitement at the event that was created by all the wonderful swimmers.

The amazing  15 km charity relay swimming event was organized by the organization that is called Malaysia Swimming Teachers’ Association (MSTA) and also by Run for Hope. The event took place on the 13th of March at Sommerset Close.

At this charity swimming event that was filled with bustling excitement, the participants were comprised of six children and four adults as the primary swimmers who were truly the stars of the event. This makes a total often swimmers who had generously offered their time and talent to be willing to swim in order to help raise funds for the Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor and the Federal Territory.

It was quite a challenge to swim 15 km for these swimming participants. But they did their very best in the pool that measures twenty meters in length and that has a depth of four feet. The swimmers did very well in being able to raise a total fund amount of RM7000.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the MSTA Mr. President who kindly came to the event to award medals to all the swimmers who participated in this charity swimming event. Thanks are also expressed to Ms. Sharifa and her family for their help in running this event. They provided help in the preparation of food and drinks as early as 4 p.m. Also, we would like to show our thanks to the Sommerset Close Town House management that allowed us the usage of the swimming pool for the charity event. Last but not least, thanks donors who donated to the charity campaign.

The children had never experienced swimming in such an event previously. So this event was very fun for them to be able to participate in. Some of the children swam by doing the breaststroke and some others decided to swim freestyle.

The fact is that the children proved to be better swimmers than the adults here. This is because the children did not stress out by being sidetracked about thinking too much. The children primarily had a keen focus on finishing their swimming, which was the key to their success in being better swimmers than the adults. This shows the true valiant, free spirit of the children swimmers.

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