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ameaningingivingMSTA Sponsporship Program 2016

Malaysia Swimming Teachers’ Association sponsorship program aims to provide opportunity to the needy community. This year we had one candidate on the sponsorship program. The candidate that obtains a partial sponsorship was Tee Kui Geok. Ms. Tee was a road accident victim as she was hit by a car in 2009. She succumbed to cerebral concussion, scalp haematoma and crack fracture of the fourth metatarsal. She holds the OKU identity card. Tee is a mother of 3 children and resides in Johor. She loves the water and has been doing some freelance teaching.

Ms. Tee successfully attended the STA Award in Swimming Teaching course in August. MSTA was pleased that she completed and manage to follow through with the training sessions. MSTA provided the necessary assistance and guidance to assure Ms. Tee had a positive learning environment. She had the opportunity to learn the art of teaching swimming.

Ms. Tee’s testimony as follows: 我本身是一位残障者。在这之前我是没有很大的信心和目的。自从认识了Ms May和 MSTA,我有了更大的自信和意志,也学到了正确及不同的教学方式和学识。MSTA提供我机会认识更多知识,让我了解正确教学的重要性。谢谢 Ms May 和 MSTA 的集团,她们在我生命中给了一线希望,我也会让更多人认识 MSTA 的存在。

Translated in English: “I am a handicapped person. Prior to this, I am lack of confidence and purpose. Since meeting Ms May and knowing about MSTA, I have gained much confidence and learned the proper and different ways of teaching. MSTA provided me the opportunity to gain more knowledge and let me understand the importance of correct teaching approach. Thank you Ms May and MSTA, as you gave a glimmer of hope in my life. I will let more people know of the existence of MSTA.”

MSTA sponsors those that truly in need and have the means to learn. We hope to give YOU a chance! Teaching swimming can earn a decent living.

Anyone interested in the Sponsorship program, kindly write in to customercare@msta.org.my. For more information log into MSTA website www.msta.org.my

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