Achieve Dreams from MSTA

My name is Hamlatul Hawary Bin Azizan from Kuala Lumpur, aqualified swim teacher, lifesaver and teacher of disability from Swimming Teacher Association (STA) in Malaysia with teaching experience for over nine years. A registered member of Malaysia Swimming Teacher’s Association (MSTA),I am a founder of Hawary Sports Centre and managed my own swimming school since 2013.

I have been working with the Malaysia Association for the Blind (MAB) to train the blind people swimming asI am passionate about swimming teaching and have a great relationship with my pupils.I really enjoy teaching disable pupils and now focus on teaching autistic kids because I want to be a specialist swim teacher for autistic kids.

MSTA was established to provide courses for swimming teachers. The courses organised by MSTA have become a platform to train Malaysian swimming teachers to be more knowledgeable, competent and internationally recognized.To be honest, in the beginning of my career as a swimming teacher, I did not realize the importance of certification and recognition.

However, after 3 years, I finally realized that proper training and certification are vital in my career advancement. In STA courses, I was enlightened to see a proper, safer and consistent way to teach swimming. From then, I set my vision to continue to upgrade my skills and ability, and will work on to get international recognition. I want to be as good, as certified, as skilled and as knowledgeable as other swimming teachers, from all around the world. Because of the knowledge, certification and recognition, given by MSTA, today I am more confident in my teaching. Either when teaching typical learners, or learners with disabilities. I am able to apply the right method of teaching and the learners get to learn the proper techniques.

Praying for my good health in order for me to train as many learners as possible, either typical or with disabilities, so that they can swim and stay safe.

Thank you Malaysia Swimming Teachers’ Association!

(Hawary Sports Centre Coach Director)

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