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Aquaphobia: Causes, Symptoms and Ways of Overcoming It for Future Well-being

AQUAPHOBIA is a persistent fear of water which differs from person to person. Jazredal Aboo Bakar and Dr.Rofiza Aboo Bakar were highlighted on a talk show TV Al Hidrah Assalamualaikum recently. Both MSTA Teachers successfully wrote an article on Aquaphobia: Cause and Symptoms that was published in the International Academic Research Journal. To download the…
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A Meaning in Giving

MSTA Sponsporship Program 2016 Malaysia Swimming Teachers’ Association sponsorship program aims to provide opportunity to the needy community. This year we had one candidate on the sponsorship program. The candidate that obtains a partial sponsorship was Tee Kui Geok. Ms. Tee was a road accident victim as she was hit by a car in 2009.…
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15 Kilometer Charity Swim for Spastic Children

Muhammad Haziq has been blind since birth. He cannot speak, walk, or even sit up without mechanical assistance. Muhammad Haziq can only receive the food and fluids that keep him alive through a feeding tube. Physicians have recommended that Muhammad be allowed to expire after they had given up any hope for his recovery from…
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