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The benefits of early swimming are manifold and helping babies along the way to swimming can be one of the most enjoyable experiences. Early swimming encourages free movement in the water that is conducive to swimming and basic water skills can be acquired along the way. It is an excellent way for parents to bond with their child, fathers and mothers can get to know their babies in a relax playful mode. Going swimming together helps parents to know your baby better and may teach parents how to adapt to your baby’s personality for best results.

German researchers have found that children, who started swimming in their third month, were more independent and less fearful when confronted by new situations. Babies showed better intellectual ability and had greater precision in motion, better co-ordination and better balance.

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Introducing babies and preschool children to water needs to be done carefully and with love. Baby and preschool swimming programs has to be carefully design and progressively taught so that skills are in hand with the child’s physiological and psychological development.

Swimming can be the first sport for a child to have good fun and enjoyed for a lifetime!

STA BABY & PRE SCHOOL Swimming teachers course
provides teachers with the proper skills and methods to explore this area of teaching with confidence.


“Gain the physiological and psychological benefit of swimming baby swimming,. Definitely encourage swimming teachers who like teaching babies to enroll for this course”..

“Learn the steps of how to handle babies. .I like the course very much as it makes a teacher valuable last time

“The quality of the material, course presentation is very good. It gives a quality of the teacher. That is the reason I rake the course even though took different baby course last time”..

“This course is very useful in the sense that you are properly trained and guided by an experience and knowledgeable tutor “..

~From Class of September 2015~

“Course content correlation between child development and swimming method is clear and good. Tutors were very detailed in explanations and considerate with participants’ own problems and situations. Overall, it is an excellent course in teaching proper teaching method in handling baby as a whole. Quite a number of methods solved some of participants’ problems in getting babies to swimming.”..

“I heard a lot of this course long ago and this is a good chance for me to learn the proper ways of holding babies through stimulation sessions. The experience tutor giving a lot of tips and sharing the ad hoc situation and how do we cope with it if we are facing the same issues too”..

“Course provide a lot of information, explanation is very detailed and very knowledgeable. Information on the psychological development of children below 4 years is beneficial”..

~From Class of September 2016~