IFSTA Conference 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark

This year conference was held in Copenhagen from 28th- 30 August 2015. All delegates were welcome at the Tivoli Hotel, the official hotel for the conference. We checked in the hotel in the morning, followed by the board meeting in the afternoon. This year participating countries were from Denmark, UK, Australia, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Taiwan, China, Korea and Malaysia. Members had a meeting to further discuss international standards and concerns around the world. We ended the day with a welcome dinner at the hotel.

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On Saturday, 29th August 2015. Some IFSTA members had an experience swimming in the 2km Open water canal with some 1000 participants from Denmark and other countries. Water temperature was 19 degree Celsius. Every participants who completed the swim was awarded with a finishing medal. Non-participating members watched the event near the starting and finishing point of the canal. We were then taken on a tour to the palace ground and watched the changing of the Royal Guards.

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After lunch, we continued the afternoon session of the conference with one delegate from the UK presented “Baby swimming in China”. In the evening, we were treated to dinner on a canal cruise with good food and wine. We were delighted with the beautiful scenery and view of Copenhagen. The highlight of the cruise was indeed the famous Little Mermaid Statue. Almost every delegates armed with camera or mobile phone were seen taking photos.

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We had the opportunity to visit an indoor community center pool where water temperature is adjusted from 26 degree to 32 degree. The hygiene rules are extremely stringent and the public follows them well. In another location, an outdoor Harbour pool which runs only during the summer season is free for the public.

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The final day 30th August 2015, after the morning breakfast we adjourned to the conference room for another topic presented by Colin Hill, open water consultant from FINA. After which delegates were given time to network with each other. The conference closed with a speech by the chairman and CEO of IFSTA. We bid farewell and good wishes as delegates return to their countries.