Motivate Your Students to Swim the MSTA Distance Series

Having problems encouraging your students to swim more often or difficult to persuade parents to bring their kids to practice swimming more?  The answer most probably lies with insufficient motivation for both swimmers and parents.  Children and Parents’ education on the many benefits of swimming as a recreational and sports activity will definitely provide some needed encouragement.

Swimming teachers who can make a difference have the ability to motivate their students. Students lacking direction and motivation will find it hard to perfect swimming skills. They are not able to follow instructions, non-involvement in the activity and some may become disruptive.

There are many reasons for such behavior.  It may even be observed that students who show little interest in swimming might have learning difficulties and may be in need of special attention. While motivating students to swim can be a difficult task, the end rewards are very satisfying.  Motivated students should be eager to learn and participate.

Teaching a group of motivated students to swim is enjoyable for you and the students. Some students are self-motivated, having a natural love for learning. Nevertheless, a great teacher can make learning fun and be an inspiration by helping students to maximize their full potential even though some may not possess good physical abilities.

If you need to provide more impetus and challenge to your students and parents, try the MSTA DISTANCE SERIES FOR KIDS. It is a toolbox that enables students to earn badges and certificates when they are able to swim distances between 800m to 1500m. These badges and certificates are tangible forms of recognition for their effort and ability. They take pride in earning them.

The MSTA distance series also encourages parents to work and support their kids. This parental support is crucial because their children will have to showcase their swimming skills and techniques, endurance and mental toughness. Lots of practices are needed and incentives from teachers and parents are helpful. At the same time use positive reinforcement and approval to boost their effort.

It is also good to set achievable expectations and make reasonable demands to encourage your students into participating in the MSTA distance series. Most times, students just need an extra shot in the right direction.  Those students who are competitive in nature may possibly move into the more challenging competitive program later on.


If students don’t believe that swimming distance is important, they wouldn't want to do it. It is the same with parents. The starting point is to introduce and demonstrate how MSTA distance series can enhance fitness and swimming skills.  Encourage parents to enroll their children in this program.

The MSTA Distance series will help to improve swimming teachers’ knowledge in running and managing a distance program. It is also a good program to add to the usual swimming program for your students.  For more information about the MSTA distance series contact this site

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