MSTA Changes Lives – It Can Change Yours Too!

Teaching others how to swim is about more than helping them accomplish something that helps them to enjoy swimming, it is also about helping to save lives. Once I learned that close to 1000 children die a day due to drowning in Asia alone, it became important for me to find a way to help prevent these unnecessary deaths.

As a swimming teacher for 30 years’ experience, May Ang taught me a lot. She works with MSTA and she taught me it’s not just about swimming technique, it is also about building relationships with children or our students. Through the Malaysia Teacher’s Swimming Association (MSTA), I learned how to teach the proper techniques so children will build a strong foundation in their swimming.

Teaching the proper techniques is important but did you know anyone can teach swimming as long as they themselves know how to swim and they don’t even have to be certified. When something as important as teach others the lifesaving skill of being to swim is involved, having a professional swimming teach is important, and this is why the Malaysia Teacher’s Swimming Association is needed.

The common advice many hear, such as, there’s no need to practice swimming because swimming is a natural born talent or you don’t need to learn freestyle, breaststroke or backstroke first because if you learn the butterfly stroke the other three are easy, is simply not true. Those who teach others how to swim should have more than just the ability to swim themselves. Swimming teachers should also know how to teach proper swimming techniques.

I currently work as a freelance swimming teacher and although I’m a freelance swimming teacher, I have more than 30 of my own students. I have students thanks to the quality of my teaching and because word of mouth is still the best marketing strategy in the swimming industry.

I am learning how to provide quality systematic teaching from the MSTA and once I get certified through the swimmers association, parents will have even more confidence allowing me to teach their children swimming techniques. I also worked together with MSTA when we were raising funds by swimming for orphanages in Malaysia.

This fund raising went to help pay the swimming fees for those families who could not afford to pay the swimming fees so they too have the chance to learn to swim. Thanks May Ang and thanks MSTA for changing my life and the lives of my students.

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