STA People with Disabilities

Swimming is great fun and opens up a range of opportunities within the sport and it is a life long activity that can be enjoyed at different levels by everyone.

For those with complex needs,swimming may be the only physical activity that can naturally lead to skill development and improvements in health and fitness. Water provides a medium of free movement independently to those with multiple disabilities and regular swimming enables everyone with a stimulating experience that will enhance their lives.

A warm pool provides a therapeutic and tactile environment can create a respond that can help to give opportunities to develop essential aspects of personal development. Water definitely has tremendous potential for rehabilitation work. The resistance of water strengthens weak muscles and helps stabilize involuntary and poorly co-ordinated movements.

Teaching swimmers with disabilities is a demanding but rewarding activity. Teachers need to know how to apply principles of swimming to help each person to reach beyond the barrier of physical and intellectual limitations.

STA People with Disabilities Certificate will provide a valuable resource for a teacher to motivate a swimmer with a disability to a unique level of personal satisfaction and achievement.

The rewards are great for those who make the effort to participate and to explore the challenges in teaching special needs that provides opportunity for achievement.

Swimming can transform lives!

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