Three Swim For the Good of Others

Swimming is not only fun and good for a person but it is a necessary skill to help save people’s lives. One never knows when the opportunity to save a person that is distressed or drowning may arise but in order to save a life you have to be taught to swim. It is strange that babies know how to swim when they are born but older children have to be taught.

The children from Rumah KIDS need to learn how to swim to protect themselves from an accident that could lead to death as well as provide them with the skills that are needed to save another person from drowning. The six children plan to become swimming coaches so they can help teach people to swim properly and hopefully save other people from drowning.

swim1Kent volunteered his time and expertise as a swimming instructor and coach for free to train our children how to swim in a local swimming pool. Our six Rumah KIDS children do not own swimsuits, goggles, kick boards, and the other equipment that is necessary for the children to learn to swim safely and enjoy learning to swim.

We need RM5768 for the equipment that will allow our children to learn to swim in a safe manner.

The MSTA has provided some much needed assistance by organizing a 10 kilometer relay that three of our supporters from the MSTA, Kent, Chlovin, and Chai Chin, participated in to raise the money we need for our children’s swimming lessons. Each of the volunteers swan 200 laps at 50 meters each.

We also wish to express our thanks for the support of Esther and Mr. Yip from MSTA who attended the swimming relay on September 2, 2105, to help us obtain the funds we needed to teach our Rumah KIDS to swim. We also wish to thank Mary, a Z Residence volunteer, who made it possible for us to use the swimming pool at Kelana Jaya for our fund raising relay at no charge. All of these people deserve special tribute for making our swimming event a success.


Our swimming relay only raised RM 1768 and we felt it most appropriate to donate those funds directly to Rumah KIDS.

The need for equipment still exists. One might think that everyone in Malaysia knows how to swim because the country is surrounded by water. The sad reality is that hundreds of people drown every year simply because they do not know how to swim.

Unfortunately, due to the fundraising not able to achieve the target (the amount raised is only RM1768), we decided to donate the money as a general donation for Rumah K.I.D.S.


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